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After struggling with my weight and with back to back babies, I had started losing the war on keeping up with the life of a new parent. I found my self constantly stressed about what to make for dinner. I knew I needed a plan and that's how I came up with this Simple and Easy meal planning system. This started out as an efficient way to make my groceries but as I got into it deeper, I knew I was on to something AMAZING for ALL mothers out there. 
What did it allow me to do? 
* Completely eliminate ALL the stress surrounding dinner time. 
* Reduce my weekly meal planning to just MINUTES a week [See bonus how to video]
* Create nutritious and delicious meals that my kids actually ATE!
* Add significant variety to my roster of meals. 
* Completely eliminate my food waste. 
* I lost 30+ lbs of baby fat I was struggling to by eating healthier.
* Create more STRESS FREE TIME to spend with my kids
* Feeling 10 years younger because of how amazing I feel!!

You too can take the weight of mealtimes off of your shoulders with my system that is changing the way Moms face meal planning, grocery shopping and budgeting for it all!

JOIN ME as we navigate through motherhood together.
Let's reclaim who you ARE, not just who you WERE. 
Let's support and inspire one another. 

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