How many times can a child (or children) say "MOMMY" in one hour?   

Ha!  It is no joke. 
We are moms. 
And we are so needed! 
 I was tired. 
I had gained weight after having my girls. And it wouldn't come off. 
I couldn't get organized enough to figure out how to carve time out in my day for..anything really.  
I was living on autopilot, falling further and further into the rabbit hole of motherhood.  
I knew I needed something to give and I knew I had to change something.
But with no energy and what felt like ZERO TIME for myself, I was stuck. 
BUT not for long. 
I didn't become a mom to feel like this. 
I wasn't put here on this earth to dread waking up each day because I felt like I could not control anything going on in it. 
I knew I was made for more...and I knew it was up to me, and ONLY me to change it. 
I knew my girls deserved more of the best of me, and a whole lot less of the worst of me. 
So I did it.
I made a decision.
To implement systems and habits that would make me wake up EXCITED again!
I found out how we all have the same 24 hours - it's just how we choose to spend it.
I run our days now - they do not run us. 
And I want to show you the EXACT strategies that I have put into place so that I am a happy and healthy mom (MOST of the time ;). 
Sure, we all have our ups and downs, but I am able to pull myself out of a slump and move forward. 
I am able to change my mindset in a flash.
I am able to talk to myself like I would my best friend. 
Doesn't that sound nice? 
I want to help as many moms as I can get their lives and their identities back. 

Together - we can do anything. 

JOIN ME as we navigate through motherhood together.
Let's reclaim who you ARE, not just who you WERE. 
Let's support and inspire one another. 

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